Steve stood on his toes as he was trying to take a better look at who was standing in the line in front of him. The lady, third in the line, in a smart army uniform looked like Ria. Steve had started working at a Starbuck and, today, he was taking orders at the register. His sister, Ria, had been posted in Afghanistan the week before. He was going to miss her so much during the holidays.

‘I will pay for her coffee’, Steve smiled as he loved his own idea. He had the ten-dollar bill he had saved from his tip.

“I need my money back. You burnt my croissant.”, the guy who Steve was currently serving, declared to the entire store.

This loud snub brought Steve back from his thoughts. His throat parched as Steve stared at the guy with raised eyebrows.

Steve saw his manager look at the oven and raise his arms in disgust.

“Focus, Steve. How long was the oven ON? You are paying for that man’s croissant”, Steve’s manager blasted pointing a finger at him.

His shoulders drooping, Steve gave the ten-dollar bill to the angry customer. With an inverted smile, Steve began serving the next customers. He knew he had lost his chance.

The lady in the army uniform approached the counter. Steve looked up at her as she said, “Don’t worry. It happens.”

She handed a ten-dollar bill to Steve and left without ordering. Steve’s vision blurred with tears.