The gun went off and the prominent sound filled the air. It got Yo out of his brief trance that seemed like eternity. He looked pensive but was, certainly, waiting for it. He pushed his right leg backward with a quick rigor. The force twitching the muscles in his thighs. Spikes in his shoes embedding in the clay gave him a firm grip.

He took the deepest breath ever. His cheeks got sucked inwards like window curtains during a gale. Even his slightly chubby face revealed all its bones. He stretched his left leg forward for a big stride. It looked like he was jumping over from one cliff to the other that was several feet apart. His left leg landed on the ground ready for its role to push the lanky Jamaican even quicker. He looked like a gazelle as he launched fiercely and gracefully into a full-blooded sprint. It was only the second step but the breath seemed to be inadequate. Yo exhaled hard pushing all the air out through his ballooned mouth. He was running away from the gunshot with full intensity. He was giving his hundred percent. It was evident from the focus on his face that he was ready for this moment.

The tights ensured an unhampered movement of his limbs. He knew there were other people running in response to the same gunshot. And Yo’s first three strides had propelled him past most of them. But, from the corner of his eye, he saw a guy to his left. He seemed to be serious in the act. His strides were bigger. Yo’s motoring looked perfect. The motion of his legs created a blur like spokes of a moving bicycle.

But he noticed this fellow runner had suddenly come in his span of view. It looked like he appeared from nowhere. Yo was not disgruntled by his taller rival taking him over. He was focusing on his movements and only thinking about running as fast as he could. After five more strides, Yo felt that he is falling back. The other guy looked in exceptional ease. It was more like a lazy elegance. Grit that was somehow not apparent. He was covering more ground with every foot forward, leading by a fraction of second every time. Another five steps and Yo could see his full athletic figure running away from him. Inch by inch. Suddenly, Yo saw a yellow ribbon in their way. Yo had to reach it before the other guy. But man!! He was fast. Like a “bolt” of lightening.

Both the runners leaned forward so as to reach the ribbon first. Yo was a good foot behind and was trying hard to make full use of final seconds. He brought his hands closer to reduce the air resistance. He put his head out hoping to gain a few inches in the air. But the other guy just kept gaining distance and finally ran into the ribbon. Yo went on to hit it too. But it was slack. Floating in the air. Remnant of his competitor tearing it apart. It was close to only ten seconds but Yo was feeling the tiredness from this high-intensity run. He sat on the ground with his legs folded looking down to catch his breath.

The other guy came up to him and said “Well done…. Bredda!!” Yo looked up…. “You nailed it …..Usain!! “