K74P9 and K82N5 were twins. Drifters in endless bounds of emptiness. They were born during an explosion many years ago. Seasoned from the turmoil initially in life, they were ready to face anything. Both brothers had just started their machinery and were producing gigajoules of energy. They had developed a strong force of attraction as they grew up. They were inseparable. Their worlds revolved around each other. While traversing the vast wilderness that stared them in the eye, they were able to attract two beautiful ladies. They just clung on. Chasing one of the brothers, the ladies would see the other and would hastily chase him. Then they would come back to the first. It was an elegant orbit. Beautiful dance.

All their life the brothers have been observing this weird creature that ate out anything around it. They called it “engulfa”. Engulfa was ravenous. He was so dark and surrounded by his food that they could barely see him. They were far enough and hence safe. So they thought.

Then he coughed. Coughed hard. It was a burst of gamma rays that engulfed the four worlds. The otherwise pitch black place suddenly got illuminated in a life-threatening spew of charged particles. The two brothers were stars in their neighborhood and knew that they would survive this unprecedented event. But the ladies? They will have to sacrifice their fields and atmosphere. They were just now getting ready to harbor some carbon-based life on them. But fate had something else thought out.

The brothers looked on with a wrinkled forehead and teary eyes while the ladies were fighting the quasar. All they could do is watch.